Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals the Difference Between Him and Messi

lionel messi is better

The Juve man has taken part in several of Europe’s top clubs while the Argentina star has spent his entire adult career with Barcelona.

The time has come for Ronaldo to share his take on the eternal rivalry between himself and Lionel Messi by stating that the difference is that the Portuguese have won the Champions League with more than one club. So, the debate over who’s better has reached the boiling point during the duo’s shared time in Spain, with Real Madrid and Barcelona fans.

To have a total of five Ballons d’Or each does little to help between this ‘’battle” but with Messi having spent his entire career in Barca, Ronaldo has made a hint that he perhaps is more adaptable when it comes facing new surroundings.

For DAZN’s series The Making Of, Ronaldo said the Messi is truly an excellent player, not just for the Ballons d’Or he has won but also for being a player who’s has been at the top year after year just like himself.

“The difference with me is that I’ve played for different clubs and I also won the Champions League with different clubs. I was the top scorer in the Champions League six times in a row.” – Ronaldo said, per Goal

The harbor of having great respect for Messi continues for Ronaldo, making it clear that he sustained success over ten years with the hard work that it takes to remain at the top.

Also saying that he has seen another player with being on the top for three, four or maybe five years, but ten years? Plus, scoring 40 or 50 goals, winning titles? That’s something Messi would only do.

Also, that’s the proof no matter if we are speaking of Ronaldo or Messi, that there is a lot of work behind the trophies!