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PargoBet takes care of this trouble for you. We have gathered the live scores of every game available in one place so that you can track the games you’ve bet on easily. By carefully watching scores, you can predict which bets are going to turn out well and which ones may not. Additionally, some betting sites allow you to pull your bet mid-game as an advantage too. This can ensure your present bet, as well give you the opportunity to make live bets on ongoing games.

By tracking and knowing how a game is advancing, you can know when you need to pull your bet, or you can know when to make a live bet on a game. We have live scores so that you can monitor any game that you’ve placed a bet on, regardless if the match is being shown in your region or not.

We have over 250 different leagues including the Premier League, LaLiga, Series A, Bundesliga and all the major leagues. Also, you can search by country to find any games that you want in any country, so we ensure you no league is excluded and we can provide with all the information you need.  PargoBet is the place where you can find all the matches in your country, in your favorite country and your friends’ countries. This football score section helps you track match by match in every league. Additionally, you will know when goals are scored, penalties are flagged, and cards are given, as well as when players are changed. This provides you with detailed information about every aspect of the match.

In addition we update players’ statistics constantly, in order to keep you in the loop and informed about each team synthesis.

As an extra advantage, in the event you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have internet access at the time of the bets, you can search and go to any date and see the results, statistics and information about that finished match. This will keep you up-to-date on all team results and information so you can better understand which teams to place bets later on. This can both improve your insight on the game and your odds of making smart betting predictions in the future.