Second Half Betting

How to make the best bet before the match? We can assure you that the best way to experience this feeling is by placing a second-half bet. The next question is how to do it? Ok, we have the needed information, so you have nothing to worry about.

Start with taking notes during the first half and then you will have the results of your guessing so feel free to place a valuable bet. It is a valuable one because it is usually at increased odds than the ones existing in the pre-game market. Are you already aware that you are armed with two powerful weapons that are about to give you profit in the long term? Getting things straight, the first “weapon” is obvious and that’s the fact that you’ve already seen half of the show! You have all the information right in front of you together with the things that are going to be useful to you like, what are the main tactics of the coaches, which team is more aggressive, etc.

The second “weapon” is even more interesting: The odds are affected more by factors other than the team’s motivation and strength! This kind of situation creates a lot of chances for valuable bets. Why? Well, regardless of both the team’s strength and potential, shots on goal or the general offensive and defensive play are adapting to countable figures, such as the current score and the time.

Want an example?

Suppose that you are watching a match and the pre-game 1×2 odds are, 65-3,60-5,00 and 1,80/2,00 at the over/under 2,5 goals market. So, even if the home team has a dominant game through the match and the strikers are hitting the bar twice and already had a goal disallowed? On top of that, the opponent delivers some dangerous counterattacks. What do you think how would these odds be affected if the match is struck to a goalless draw at halftime?

You know how the bookie works, so the match potential would be of course taken into consideration, but he won’t be able to offer the same odds with half the match gone. Here comes the most probable scenario, the 1×2 would be transformed to something like 2,00-2,30-8,50 and the over 2,5 goals odds will be rising to over 2,80. So witnessing the fact that the home team’s play dominated during the first half, a second-half bet to over 2,5 goals or a bet to the home team odds would be a valuable one.

Types of Second Half Betting

There are two main types of second-half betting markets and here is how they work.

  1. Pre-match markers – the odds that are ‘evolving’ during live betting, 1×2, over/under goal, correct score, both teams to score, etc.
  2. The specific second-half betting markets – They take no consideration of what has happened to the first half, so, for example, you can place a bet at a “both teams to score in the second half” market no matter the first-half score. Even if you place a bet of “winner of the second half” counting only the goals that have been scored after the break.

Why you shouldn’t be betting at pre-game second-half market

We are pretty sure that you have already noticed some second-half bets in the pre-game markets, so these usually come along with the first half bets which are by far more valuable, or if you prefer to say more popular. Our advice to you is to stay away from the second half bets at pre-game just because you are giving away your greatest weapon, and that’s the knowledge you have after you been watching the first half. The bookies are just analyzing numbers and are offering odds. On the other side, you are deciding which place to bet, so if you don’t have any “live data” from the match you have to lean on numbers. So, if you and the bookie are doing the same thing, finding a valuable bet is almost impossible.

Fair Odds at 2nd Half Bets

Finding value in 2nd halftime bets has a basic rule – that the bookie should offer “fairer” odds compared to pre-match ones. So what does a “fairer” offer means? Every answer would be considered as a personal taste and that’s the truth but there are some commonly accepted ones.

Example: if the odds are 1,50 for a home win before the start of the match, they should easily rise around 2,20 at halftime (provided no team is winning). And a pre-match win offered at 2,20 should be around 2,60-2,80 or maybe higher at halftime so it can be considered as a tempting one.

Second Half Bet Statistics

Here, you need to do some research to numbers if you like to win a 2nd half bet if you want to form a specific strategy. There is a tricky part of the statistical analysis and that’s the difference between the first and second-half goals.

Best 2nd Half Strategies

A second-half strategy can lead to long-term profit if you get to choose by the following popular five strategies:

  1. Over 1,5 2nd half – This is one of the most profitable strategies, expecting two goals instead of three are needed to get paid. Now, if the score is 0-0 at half time, the odds will be a bit higher than the pre-match over 2,5 goals market, and if there is one goal then the odds are a little higher than the pre-match over 2,5 goals market. As great information of your use is that almost 58% of the German and 57% of the Italian matches have more goals in the second half, so the best leagues to follow with this strategy are German Bundesliga and Italy Serie A.
  2. Over 4,5 corners second half – This strategy is only advised in matches where the basic market of pre-match corners is 9,5 or 10,5 and in the first half, there have been under 4,5 corners. In general, there are more corners in the second half so you should watch out for Dutch Eredivise and Belgium Jupiler League match so you can practice this strategy.
  3. Over 1,5 yellow cards – This is another strategy that is affected by the score, so don’t expect much aggression if the favorite has managed to score a goal or two in the first half. The referees, in general, are rather thrifty in the first half with giving away yellow cards. Another thing is that they become more sensitive in the last minutes so the English Premier League will be the best league to be followed with over 77% having over 1,5 yellow cards in the second half.
  4. Both teams to score in 2nd half – Regardless of the half time score, this is another strategy to follow. When there is a goalless draw at the first half the possibilities are higher and the odds too, but that’s not for sure. You can try following leagues that have many goals and many teams who are at the same level and there’s no clear favorite. For this market, the Mexican Premier League and the Norwegian Tippenligaen are the best leagues to follow, where there is a 52% long-term possibility of both teams to score at least one goal in the second half.
  5. Late goals – This strategy of late goals a.k.a goals after 75th minute is getting more popular because of the increased odds it has. You should be going after teams that are capable of chasing the score regardless of the current match result, like Liverpool for example. They have scored over 50% after 75th minute of their Premier League matches during the 2018-19 season. While Crystal Palace has scored in the last quarter of their 16 out of 38 matches.